School Lunch Information

The following information will be updated for the 2020 school year shortly

In order to provide children who attend Franklin Discovery Preschool & Childcare with the best possible service and accountability for school meals, the following procedures are in place for meal charges :

  • Students should maintain a positive meal plan balance at all times.

  • Children with a negative lunch balance will be issued a $10 fee to their ledger and will be unable to purchase a lunch until the balance is paid in full. (This rule applies to children who attend Franklin Discovery Preschool, not Kindergarten aged or older students.)

Franklin Discovery Academy is committed to providing meals to all students, however, there is a responsibility for parents to assure that there are funds in the meal account.


To add money to your child's lunch account you can visit the front desk or pay online using the link below. Children attending Franklin Discovery Preschool & Childcare have patron accounts. Once they begin attending Kindergarten they will have a student account. 

For questions or more information about the Franklin Discovery Academy school lunch program, please contact the front desk. 

franklin Children's Center

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