Our Team

Franklin Children's Center has been opened since the fall of 2016 and each year we continue to grow and improve. All of our staff is currently certified in CPR / AED and First Aid as well as Recognizing & Preventing Child Abuse Utah. 

Read the bio's below to get to know a little bit about our wonderful team!


Emma Boyadjian

As one of the first employee's hired at Franklin Children's Center, Emma has been with the program since August 2016. She started out as a preschool teacher and just a few months into the school year she was assigned to develop and prepare curriculum for the entire center. 

Emma showed strong leaderships skills and was officially given the title of Assistant Director in 2018. Since then, she has worked diligently to overhaul and implement an expansive curriculum program, improve parent communication and developed a comprehensive employee training program. 


In May of 2019, she completed her CDA through Care About Childcare at UVU and there are plans in the works for her to get her Early Childhood Education degree. 

Emma prides her self on staying up to date with all things childcare related and has endless resources for parents who need advice for a shy child, behavior problems, consistency at home and more! It's no surprise with Emma's passion for helping children progress through all stages that she was promoted to Program Director in 2020. She's looking forward to this next chapter and helping the Franklin Children's Center to continue to grow. 


Haley has a Bachelors Degree in Family Studies from Utah Valley University and is passionate about helping families be the best they can be.


She has taken on several roles at Franklin Children's Center, currently as the Assistant Director, she helps us all keep our heads on straight. Whether she's teaching or working on projects behind the scenes, she's very dedicated and hardworking. She loves seeing growth in every child and is a natural at teaching them new things. 

Haley Houston

Assistant Director

Kaylee created the original preschool program back in 2016 and after four years directing the program at Franklin Children's Center, Kaylee stepped down in 2020. We are beyond excited that she'll be staying on and using her many skills to assist in the progress and success of the center. 

Kaylee loves helping children learn to use their imaginations, cleaning up messes, and keeping the classrooms organized. She oversees the development and implementation of curriculum.

Kaylee Woolsey

Program Coordinator


Miss Esperanza 

Infant Teacher

Esperanza is the second oldest of five children and has been taking care of children and babies her whole life. Her favorite thing about caring for children is being able to help them be who they want to be and she loves being someone they can look up to. Since Junior High Schoo, she has spent time volunteering in several elementary schools to help children learn and grow.

Miss Isabella

Toddler Teacher


Miss Maddie

Two Year Old Teacher

Maddie graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor's degree in Sports and Exercise Psychology. Maddie has always loved working with children, but it wasn't until her nieces & nephews were born that she really got into helping children. She has been working in child care for 3 years now and loves making children smile. Maddie looks forward to making a difference at Franklin Children's Center.

Miss Rose

Two - Three Year Olds Teacher

Rose is currently studying Elementary Education and Special Education. Her inspiration for going into these fields started when she was a little girl and would play school with her step sisters. She would write down all the names of her imaginary students and give them homework. As she got older, she began babysitting for families in her neighborhood and grew to absolutely love children. Caring for children has been a highlight of her life and she is so excited to work with them every single day! 

Miss Eboni

Three Year Old Teacher

Eboni was adopted from Haiti at the age of seven. She has eleven siblings, five sisters and six brothers. She has been working with children in a daycare setting for the past four years and loves getting to know them better. 

Miss Brittany

Four Year Old Teacher

Brittany is excited to come work every day to help children take the first steps into who they are and who they want to be. She has volunteered and interned at Headstart as well as various elementary schools during the past 5 years. She is currently studying to get a degree in Elementary Education and is so excited to help your children grow!

Miss Olivia

Four Year Old Teacher

Olivia's love of children has been lifelong. As a five year old, she would set up all of her baby dolls and pretend she was the teacher. As Olivia grew older she was the designated babysitter of the family. She loved using her imagination with the kids and coming up with new projects and activities to try.

When Olivia became an adult she recognized her talent with kids and her patient, loving, nature. She decided to make it into her career! Olivia has been a nanny, a teachers aid, and is now working with infants & toddlers. She has worked with all ranges of ages and has gained a ton of experience. Olivia has a huge heart and a very big imagination. She has so much fun working in a school setting, and loves each kid individually for exactly who they are. 

Miss Diana

Kinder Enrichment Teacher

Diana grew up in Mesa, Arizona but has lived in Utah for 17 years. She loves working with children and has 5 cute kiddos of her own. Her favorite seasons are spring and fall and she enjoys reading, hiking, gardening, cooking, and going on family vacations.