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At Franklin Children's Center, we use the program EZCare for student tracking and billing. If your child is enrolled in our program, follow the link in the right hand corner above to log in to the EZCare Parent Portal. If you need help logging in for the first time or processing a payment, follow the instructions below. 

If you are logging in for the first time, select Click Here to Register (shown below). Be sure to use the email you provided us when you filled out the Enrollment Form or you will be unable to log in. 

Once you have set up a password and you have logged in, you will see four tabs at the top: Family, Ledger, Child, and Schedule. To view your tuition invoices you will select the Ledger tab. Further instructions for making a payment are below.

Making a Payment in EZCare

Step 1: Log into the EZCare Parent Portal and select Ledger at the top.

Step 2: Select Payment Accounts to save a new form of payment.

Step 3: Select Pay Now to make a one time payment.

Setting up a Payment Account

Once you have selected Payment Accounts, select Add New Account.

Fill out the requested fields, and select Next. Verify the amount that you are paying then press Submit to process the payment.

Setting Up Customized Payment Options

By default, tuition is posted on your child's ledger by the 20th and due by the 25th of the month prior to services being provided. Every family has different circumstances, and EZCare makes it simple for families to adjust how they pay. This option is great for those who want to make two or more payments each month towards tuition with each paycheck they receive or for those who have two parents paying the bill. 

Step 1: You can add multiple accounts to pay for tuition. This gives you the opportunity to pay half of tuition from a checking account and the other from a credit card. For parents who are splitting the cost of care you can add both accounts, just be sure that the Account Nicknames are different to avoid processing a payment from the wrong account.

Step 2: You can adjust the amount you are paying. The total amount due is automatically shown but you can change the amount to the amount you wish to pay. Don't forget that the entire tuition amount must be paid by the 25th of the month prior to care being provided. 

Step 3: Click Submit to process the payment 

For questions about EZCare or for further assistance, please send us an email at contact@franklinchildrenscenter.com.

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